Property Experts


Roger Jenkins is from Matthews & Seversons Conveyancers. They were established in 1967 and they must be doing something right because 90 – 95% of their clients are repeat and referral business. Roger has his top 10 tips about conveyancers. To know more, click here.

Building and Pest Inspectors

Stephen Ransley is the general manager of Tyrrell’s Property Inspections. Tyrrell’s Property Inspections have been in NSW for over 30 years and they are actually the largest building consultancy firm in NSW. They provide a full range of building advice, including dispute resolution, fire safety in buildings and of course pre-purchase advice and inspections. Stephen [...]

How to Choose a Property Manager?

Patrick Bright has written 3 books on real estate so Patrick knows a lot about real estate and his books are on the best sellers list as well. Patrick have brought along his list of notes of all the good points when selecting a property manager and what you should get from your property manager. To [...]

Tips on Finance

Michael Ryce is from The Mortgage Professionals. Michael has had a very long and successful career in dealing with people in the Lower North Shore in lending. Michael is the person to see, whether you are a first home buyer looking for somebody to guide you through the process, or somebody who has a business, [...]

Choosing A Real Estate Agent

Gary Pittard owns Pittard Training Group and he trains thousands of real estate agents on the best practice way to sell and list property: the best way for the vendor (the seller); the best way for the buyer; and the best way for the real estate office. Gary knows a lot of real estate agents [...]

How to Present Your Property?

Sarah Hargrave  is from Style To Sell. Sarah graduated in interior design in the UK and before moving to Sydney worked for a couple of different companies before starting her own business. She joined forces with Sherrie White back in 2009 and they are really taking off with their business. Their role is to help [...]

Furniture Removal

Mike O’Hagan from MiniMovers manages, and is the sole owner of MiniMovers. Now when people sell their property, a lot of the time they get overwhelmed “How am I going to move from here to there with the least amount of stress and the least amount of cost?”. This is what Mike is going to [...]

Landscaping Tips

Mike Cass is from Design-It Landscapes. They do landscaping, pool design and also construction. Mike can help you with when you are selling your property and you are not sure how to present your backyard, as far as pots, flowers, tables and chairs to make your backyard look the best. Whether your backyard needs a [...]

Feng Shui Tips

George Birdsall has an engineering degree, majoring in construction management and he has also written two books on Feng Shui and one on home decorating. George is the perfect person to help us about Feng Shui and how it’s going to affect your property. It could be a property that you are selling, or a [...]