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Mike Cass – Design-It Landscapes

Lisa: Today’s industry expert is Mike Cass and Mike is from Design-It Landscapes. They do landscaping, pool design and also construction. So what Mike can help you with is when you are selling your property and you are not sure how to present your backyard, as far as pots, flowers, tables and chairs to make your backyard look the best. Whether your backyard needs a total revamp to get the ultimate price or just a tweak, Mike will be able to give you some really good tips. Now, Mike has written for various industry publications, such as Outdoor Design & Living and Backyard & Garden Design Ideas. He has appeared on Clive Robinson’s radio program 2UE so he knows what he is talking about and I am really looking forward to what Mike has to say.

Mike: Tip number 1: Seek professional advice. Discuss your garden with a designer who can help you get the most out of your outdoor space. Utilise your space wisely to achieve its maximum potential without over-capitalising.

Tip number 2: Design. Design needs to compliment the architecture of your home. Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home’s interior design and architecture. Your garden should work in harmony with your home, not against it.

Tip number 3: Privacy. Know where to be seen and where not to be seen from your garden. Your garden is your sanctuary, so privacy is a crucial element. Whether it is boundary planning, fences or a feature wall, good screening will provide the privacy you need to separate your garden from your neighbour’s.

Tip number 4: Products and finishes. It’s important to choose products that complement the space and that won’t date. With a large range of products available such as pavers, furniture and lighting, choosing the most appropriate products can be made easier with the help of your designer. Factors to consider during this process are the product’s durability and energy efficiency.

Tip number 5: Buyers’ needs. The key needs of an individual buyer should be considered. Your landscape design is to enhance the style of your home, whether it’s family orientated and child friendly, or a smaller city style terrace, appealing to a different market.

Tip number 6: Security and safety. Security is essential, so consider any swimming pools or high retaining walls you may wish to protect. Strict council regulations mean that this tip should be discussed with an expert as each project will have varying requirements.

Tip number 7: Entertaining outdoors. Providing outdoor entertaining is a key factor for all gardens. As most family’s outdoor spaces are only enjoyed in the evenings or on the weekend, it is therefore important to create a space for the family to meet. Whether it’s a spot for children to sit and complete homework or an area to host a family BBQ, an outdoor area is paramount.

Tip number 8: Contrast, colours and textures. It’s important to choose colours that not only add depth and interest to your garden, but also provide contrast. Quite often this may not be the owner’s first choice, but when considering the sale of your home, a designer may be able to help you with this.

Tip number 9: Garden styling and the “wow” factor. This is the last tip related specifically to design. Focal points and wow factors are a big plus when entering a garden for the first time. They provide an area of interest and something that grabs your eye. This is often achieved by using a combination of pots, water features or outdoor furniture, sculptures or outdoor lighting.

Tip number 10: Maintenance. Many modern families have less time to care for their garden. For this reason, it is important to know ahead of time the garden’s requirements in order to maintain its design integrity. Discuss the upcoming requirements for your garden with your designer or landscaper. Here at Design-It we offer complete maintenance overhauls to prepare a home for an auction.

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