Property Stylist – How to Present Your Property?

Sarah Hargrave, Style To Sell

Lisa: Today’s industry expert is Sarah Hargrave. Sarah is from Style To Sell. Sarah graduated in interior design in the UK and before moving to Sydney worked for a couple of different companies before starting her own business. She joined forces with Sherrie White back in 2009 and they are really taking off with their business. Their role is to help present your home at its best before putting it on the market and therefore achieving the best possible price. Sarah writes for different magazines such as Country Home Ideas and Sarah also has a Facebook page where she puts tips on how to get the best price when selling, so I am really looking forward to hearing what she has to say today. Thanks Sarah, so what would you say would be your top ten tips?

Sarah: Most home buyers are attracted first and foremost by the appearance of your home. So it’s important to remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.

My first tip would be to start with the street appeal of your home. This is where price- perception and positive and negative impressions are made. Ensure that your letterbox and fences are well maintained, lawns are mowed, and the house number is in good condition and easy to see.

Start with a checklist and work through your home, room by room. Deal with minor repairs; physical faults convey a message of neglect and can send alarm bells to buyers that the home hasn’t been well maintained.

Declutter. Clutter can make rooms look small and pokey and distract from the good features of the property. Hire storage space if necessary to store excess furniture and clutter.

De-personalise your home. Tone down items that give the home strong personal identity and pack away personal photographs, religious items, trophies and certificates.

Clean, clean, clean. It’s the cheapest most effective way to give your property a face lift. Kitchens and bathrooms should be absolutely sparkling.

Let the light shine in. Open up blinds to increase the natural light as much as possible.
Pleasant smells create pleasant moods. Allow fresh air to flow through your home where possible. Remove pet beds and food bowls and having the carpet cleaned can help to eradicate odours. Fresh flowers and a clean home do wonders for the senses.

Furniture layout is crucial. It is important that you clearly define each area as this will create a feeling of space and harmony.

Accessorise. Your home should look tidy but not sterile. Accessories are a fantastic way to inject interest using contemporary colours and textures, such as cushions, throws and artwork without being overpowering.

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